This year, the Jumpers and Jazz in July Festival marks a significant milestone, celebrating its 20th anniversary. Warwick is set to come alive with the announcement of Elixir featuring Katie Noonan as the headline act for our much-cherished festival. Known for its vibrant fusion of visual art, music, and the textile arts, the festival is ready to envelop Warwick in a warm embrace this winter.

Elixir, a group revered for their poignant performances, harmoniously blends the mesmerizing voice of Katie Noonan with a rich tapestry of sound. Their dedication to creating immersive and heartfelt musical experiences beautifully mirrors the close-knit, community atmosphere of Jumpers and Jazz.

Katie Noonan’s previous enchanting performance at the festival is still fondly remembered by many, and her return in this landmark year adds an extra layer of excitement. Her unique storytelling ability, coupled with her passion for music, has not only earned her national acclaim but also 5 Aria Awards!

Pam Burley, Festival President, expressed her enthusiasm: “Welcoming Katie Noonan and Elixir back to our festival is a true highlight for this special anniversary. They don’t just perform; they take us on a journey that intertwines the essence of Australian music, art, and culture.”

Adding to the excitement, the dynamic duo Hat Fitz and Cara will be joining the festival as the support act. Hat Fitz & Cara’s musical style is a unique combination of folk, roots and gospel blues with old time flavourings reminiscent of a time once forgotten. The perfect pairing of nostalgia for the milestone 20th anniversary.

As we celebrate two decades of creativity and community spirit, the festival is proud to offer an array of engaging activities, workshops, and exhibitions that cater to all age groups and interests. Set against the picturesque backdrop of Warwick’s winter, this year’s festival is not just an event; it’s a tribute to our town’s vibrant community and rich cultural tapestry.

This thrilling line-up will feature at the Twilight Jazz n’ Blues in the Park event, Saturday 27th July.

Watch the Jumpers and Jazz Facebook page for ticket announcements.

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