The festival was initially created as a positive community response to a major CBD streetscaping project of Warwick by the local council.

It was created to:-

  • Create community ownership through a fun and entertaining way of using the new look streetscape,

  • Boost economy – grow tourism visitation and retail activity in a shoulder season by creating a bright and colourful atmosphere during a ‘dull’ time of year, and

  • Increase participation in the arts – to generate creativity, increase community participation in arts and share textile art with more people.

 The inaugural Jumpers & Jazz in July (JJJ) festival was staged in 2004 as an initiative of the Warwick Art Gallery, with its primary program elements being:

  1. Jumpers on Trees, and
  2. Jazz Program of Events

 In 2007 an organising committee was formed developing a partnership of Warwick Art Gallery and Warwick Tourism & Event Pty Ltd.  This was a very successful partnership as the Tourism entity at the time saw the huge benefits to region in attracting tourist to the region in what would have otherwise been a quiet time of the year.

 In 2016 Jumpers and Jazz was handed back to the community of Warwick and surrounding areas to support the future development of the festival.  Jumpers and Jazz in July Inc was created as a not for profit incorporated association in November 2016. 

Since the inaugural event, visitor numbers have risen steadily year on year, with particular growth from regional visitors within a 400km radius, but also including regular visitors from across the Australian Eastern Seaboard and beyond!

The total visitation of 60,000 is a significant attendance number for many events, but it’s particularly significant in this location as it far exceeds the resident population of its host town Warwick, which is approximately 13,500 people.

“It is the most wonderful exciting event in July anywhere in Australia, and brings endless joy to so many, builds strength, inspires creativity and self-belief that anything is possible – and certainly brings brightness to a dark and grey winter. Honoured to call Warwick home.”

Julie Harris, Tree Jumper artist, 2015