Jumpers and Jazz in July Management Committee

Seeking New Volunteer Committee Members for 2024

Opportunity to get inside the engine room of a vibrant successful festival!
How does the JJJ volunteer committee work?
We strive to work as a collaborative,supportive, good humoured team

Take your time to peruse the overview of committee roles, and those presently available for 2024. If anything sparks interest for you, please send an email  to organise a friendly chat as we want to put together a team that is compatible with each other and are flexible to create a structure that reflects the skills of the individual members.

Note 1:  While a coordinator has overall responsibility for their portfolio, they may choose to form a small team or subcommittee to share tasks. The committee as a whole are also welcome to bring wisdom to the table for all festival discussions, providing encouragement and support for each other.

Note 2:  You are also welcome to consider a more “casual” contribution to the festival by joining a subcommittee or work party to support one or more of the coordinators, or simply as a volunteer during the festival! Some skills may even be suitable for working remotely. (e.g. the yarnbombing team even has contributions from overseas!) We welcome your queries!

Further Queries to: jumpersandjazzinjuly@gmail.com

Annual General Meeting:
Tues Nov 28th: 5.30pm for 6pm
RSL ClubWarwick – Albion St


Structure of the Jumpers and Jazz in July Management Committee

  • President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Event Program Coordinator — oversee the program curation
  • Local Business Engagement Coordinator – focusing on relationships and increasing business engagement with the festival
  • Marketing/Media Coordinator – marketing & promotion of the festival, including working with outsourced professionals and agencies
  • Compliance Coordinator – including Risk Management, Traffic Management, Licencing and Permits
  • Logistics Coordinator -To collaborate with Event Coordinator & Compliance coordinator to ensure all required equipment and plans are in place in a timely manner
  • Business Development Coordinator – including merchandising, income growth, entrepreneurial opportunities, sponsorship
  • Volunteer Coordinator – recruitment, selection, training and support for volunteers
  • Sub-Committees are formed to create working groups under the direction of the coordinators on the management committee. Additionally, Yarntopians and JJJ Creative teams manage the creative aspects of the festival in collaboration with events and media coordinators (This excludes the tree jumper competition which is managed by Warwick Art Gallery)

This team will have monthly meetings focused on progress updates from the operations team and decision making. Meetings aim to be positive, efficient, and outcomes focused. Meetings will be held more frequently as required closer to the event.

Urgent decision making may be required utilising Group Messenger and Email, with decisions to be formally ratified at the next management committee meeting.

Management Committee consists of up to 8 committee members and they can fulfil 2 roles if appropriate and they have capacity to do so.

What roles / responsibilities are available for 2024?


  • Implement and manage financial management of the organisation
  • Preparation of budget
  • Monthly financial statements
  • Cash management
  • Invoicing stallholders, event hosts and sponsors
  • Compliance with audit requirements and present final report to AGM
  • Returns and acquittals (financial aspects)
  • BAS reporting and processing
  • Use of Quickbooks as the program for financial recording

Compliance Coordinator

The Compliance Coordinator will oversee all matters relating to complianceregulations following approval by the Management Committee. The Compliance Coordinator is the main point of contact with local and state government and industry regulators for all issues relating to compliance.


Compliance Coordinator role includes:-

  • Risk Management
  • Traffic Management
  • Licencing & Permits
  • COVID Safety Coordination?
  • Accessibility Plan
  • Sustainability Plan

    Business Development Coordinator


    The Business Development Coordinator will oversee all matters relating to business development, sponsorship, merchandising and explore strategies to increase “owned revenue streams” to increase financial viability of the festival.


    The Business Development Coordinator role includes:

    • Explore possible outsourcing of professional skills for sponsorship OR work with the sponsorship liaison officer if suitable person has been identified
    • Attract a minimum of $20,000 in sponsorship from outside the region
    • Develop a merchandise strategy that involves creation of a range of quirky and quality merchandise (including CDs of participating bands) that can be sold online year-round and at multiple outlets during the Festival
    • Work collaboratively with Strategic Event Partners (SDRC, SQCT, TEQ, local Chambers of Commerce)
    • Develop a buy local policy in collaboration with the Local Business Engagement Coordinator
    • Work with key stakeholders to increase accommodation capacity during the Festival, especially diverse and boutique options including exploration of the Home Stay options
    • Work with the Strategic Management Committee to increase “owned revenue streams” to increase financial viability of the festival

    Volunteer Coordinator


    • The Volunteer Coordinator will oversee all matters relating to volunteer recruitment, training and ongoing management.
    • The Volunteer Coordinator is the main point of contact with all volunteers
    • The Volunteer Coordinator may be a member of the management committee or the events subcommittee (depending on the capacity and availability of the
      Volunteer Coordinator)


    Volunteer Coordinator role includes: –

    • Recruitment of suitable volunteers – pre / during / post festival as required
    • Selection and Screening of potential volunteers
    • Training and Induction of volunteers
    • Volunteer Management – Schedules, Monitoring, Encouragement
    • Rewards and Recognition – ongoing throughout volunteer involvement

      Local Business Engagement Coordinator


      The Local Business Engagement Coordinator will oversee all matters relating to local business engagement and will be the main point of contact with local business and key stakeholders.


      Local Business Engagement Coordinator role includes:-

      • Develop a working relationship with the Warwick and Stanthorpe Chambers of Commerce to support local business liaison and support for the festival
      •  Promote one, two or three-day itineraries that include the region’s best natural attractions, country cafes/restaurants, farm trails, wineries
      • Create a campaign to showcase local eateries featuring a Festival menu item and local produce
      • Work with local businesses to improve visitors’ destination experience
      • Work with key stakeholders to increase accommodation capacity during the Festival, especially diverse and boutique options
      • Work collaboratively with the Business Development Coordinator to achieve those key objectives where appropriate

      2023 Jumpers and Jazz in July Inc. Management Committee:​

      President: Pam Burley

      Secretary: Carol Sternberg

      Treasurer: Gail Bulmer

      Committee Coordinator Roles:

      Events : Pam Burley

      Media/Marketing: Bette Bonney

      Local Business Engagement: Douglas Bryce

      Logistics : Naomi Thomas

      Compliance : Nancy DePrada

      Sub Committee Coordinator roles:

      Yarntopians: Loretta Grayson

      Business Development: Megan Harkin

      Volunteers: Des Neijens